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Collateral Ham-age: "Stuber," reviewed.

Chris Klimek

Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani are fun together, but  Stuber  is a misfire. (Mark Hill/Fox)

Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani are fun together, but Stuber is a misfire. (Mark Hill/Fox)

Halfway through another summer packed with sequels and reboots and brand IP extensions, it give me no pleasure, none at all, to have to tell you that Stuber, an action comedy from an “original” screenplay and starring two very talented and appealing comic actors in Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani… is just Collateral, only not as good. My NPR review is here. Ugh! I feel terrible!

Petty Larceny: Den of Thieves, reviewed.

Chris Klimek

He's the Sheriff: Gerard Butler, under fire. (STX)

He's the Sheriff: Gerard Butler, under fire. (STX)

Here's something I mean with all the generosity of spirit that I hope I possess in my heart: Den of Thieves, a new—well, newly released—crime movie, is not as bad as one might expect the directorial debut from the screenwriter of A Man Apart and London Has Fallen to be. That's because writer-director Christian Gudegast has taken the greatest Los Angeles cops-and-robbers movie ever made and replicated it as closely as one can while filming in Atlanta, with a growling Gerard Butler standing in for an ad-libbing Al Pacino.

My NPR review of Den of Thieves is here. I believe the phrase "coffee-table action flick" is a Klimek Original. 

The Long Warm-Up to Heat

Chris Klimek

Michael Mann's Heat, one of my favorite films, is The Dissolve's Movie of the Week this week. I contributed this essay about the sprawling crime picture's many progenitors, including the short-lived-but-great late-80s TV series Crime Story. 

You'll want to read Scott Tobias' keynote and Nathan Rabin & Matthew Dessem's forum discussion, too. The latter is where I learned that Kate Mantilini, the Beverly Hills bistro where Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro's famous late-night sit-down in Heat was shot, closed last year. When last I was there, in 2005, a giant still from The Scene hung on the wall.

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