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Putting a ($7) Button in Capital Fringe ’13, and on to New Business

Chris Klimek

Photo by Paul Gillis, courtesy Capital Fringe

Photo by Paul Gillis, courtesy Capital Fringe

And with this, my four-week-and-change tour of duty covering the Capital Fringe Festival for a fourth consecutive year comes to an end.

This year’s Fringe might’ve been the best yet. I didn’t get to do as much writing as I wanted, what with my dayjob being more demanding than in Fringes past and with Fringe & Purge running 96 “Hip Shot” reviews this year—about a third more than we’ve ever published before, the overwhelmingly majority of them edited by me.

I did get to record, edit and post six episodes of the Fringe & PurgeCast; again, fewer than I managed last year, but at least a couple of them turned out well, I think. My favorite was this one with Live Action Theatre company, obviously.

Saturday is my birthday, and I need a rest, so I’m going to take this weekend off. But I’m available. Editors, I shall entertain your offers.