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The worldwide headquarters and hindquarters of freelance writer Chris Klimek

Repast is Prologue: Studio's The Big Meal, reviewed, plus a Commedia Hamlet and a pair of Shavian sex comedies

Chris Klimek

[caption id="attachment_8353" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Chris Genebach and Hyla Matthews in Studio Theatre's THE BIG MEAL. (Carol Pratt)[/caption] With three reviews in today's City Paper, you'd think all I did last weekend was go to plays*. Besides Studio's wonderful production of Dan LeFranc's The Big Meal, I saw Faction of Fools's Commedia take on Hamlet, repurposed as Hamlecchino, Clown Prince of Denmark. Plus a Shavian two-fer from Washington Stage Guild.

*But you'd be wrong. Like Robert McNamara. Like Ptolemy. Like Joel Schumacher. In fact, I also Netflix'd two movies, Conan O'Brien Can't Stop -- a documentary of O'Brien's post-Tonight Show, agita-channeling comedy tour -- and the great Michael Winterbottom/Steve Coogan/Rob Brydon collaboration The Trip, wherein the dueling Michael Caine impressions more than make up for all the foodie bullshit.


And I ran twice and boxed twice.

My weekends are not typically that productive.