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The worldwide headquarters and hindquarters of freelance writer Chris Klimek

Lewwwww-seeeeee, I'm ho-ooooooooome! And I made a movie.

Chris Klimek

So I've been blogging for the last month or so for the Washington City Paper, primarily at Fringe & Purge, their Capital Fringe Festival blog, which I had the duty and the privilege of editing this year. I've written lots of stuff for them in the past month, some of which I don't detest at all, that I've not linked to from here just because -- well, because making one blog worth reading is voraciously time-consuming. Two? Forget it. But Fringe is over now, and I'm back to let you know I can really shake 'em down. It's my birthday today, and if you want to help me observe my inevitable tooth-lengthening, you can head over to CP's Arts Desk blog and watch this video I made with the cast and crew of EIGHT, which was, I think, the second best show I saw at Fringe this year after this one. (EIGHT is getting an additional post-Fringe eight-show run starting tomorrow night, so relevance!) Or you can just be lazy and watch it above. But if you really want to Shiatsu-massage your eyeballs, I offer you the slower-to-load but gloriously embiggened HD version, which is available on YouTube and also right here.