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The worldwide headquarters and hindquarters of freelance writer Chris Klimek

As the Crow Flies

Chris Klimek

This would be the second Sheryl Crow concert I've reviewed for the Paper of Record.

She closed the show I wrote about in September 2006 with Led Zep's "Rock and Roll"; the other night, it was Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground." Always a worthy 70s rock warhorse, I guess.

Next month, I'm covering Iron Maiden -- the first band I ever saw play, y'alls! It's their Somewhere Back in Time best-of-the-80s tour, so it's the stuff I'll remember from sixth grade. Four days later, I'm covering Emmylou Harris. I hereby nominate myself for the Declan P. MacManus Diversity in Musical Styles Award.

The Setlist

01 God Bless This Mess 02 Shine Over Babylon 03 Love Is Free 04 A Change Would Do You Good 05 Leaving Las Vegas 06 I Can't Cry Anymore 07 The First Cut Is the Deepest (Cat Stevens) 08 My Favorite Mistake 09 Gasoline - Gimme Shelter 10 Real Gone 11 Motivation 12 Detours 13 Drunk With the Thought of You 14 Strong Enough 15 Out of Our Heads 16 If It Makes You Happy 17 Soak Up the Sun 18 Every Day Is a Winding Road Encore 19 All I Wanna Do 20 Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)