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The worldwide headquarters and hindquarters of freelance writer Chris Klimek

New Pornographers Night Two Setlist

Chris Klimek

ITEM! Big changes in the New Pornographers' setlist between nights one and two at the 9:30 this time, as advertised. Newman kept speaking to someone upfront who had apparently provided his or her own list, from whence, said Newman, he'd culled three or four songs the band wouldn't have played otherwise, and that they'd likely keep playing. It's worth noting that over the course of the two nights, we heard seven of Mass Romantic 's twelve, wow. Is the New Pornos' nostalgia phase now upon us? Perhaps. Perhaps not: They played eight from the new Together last night, too.

Last night's show was about 15 minutes shorter than Tuesday's, too, owing to less dead time between songs. There was at least as much banter as the first night, but it was faster and funnier.

Songs not performed the prior night appear in boldface.

The New Pornographers at the 9:30 Club, Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Setlist

01 Sing Me Spanish Techno 02 Up in the Dark 03 Myriad Harbour 04 Use It 05 Crash Years 06 All the Old Showstoppers 07 The Body Says No 08 Jackie 09 A Bite Out of My Bed 10 The Bones of an Idol 11 Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk 12 To Wild Homes 13 The End of Medicine 14 Moves 15 Your Hands (Together) 16 My Shepherd 17 Twin Cinema 18 Silver Jenny Dollar 19 Mass Romantic 20 The Bleeding Heart Show

21 Challengers 22 My Rights Versus Yours 23 The Electric Version 24 Testament to Youth in Verse