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The worldwide headquarters and hindquarters of freelance writer Chris Klimek


Chris Klimek

You can ask for only so much of a single night, but sometimes it'll give you more all the same: Last night Miss Crooks's Love & War opened at Touchstone Gallery. It was a great house with lots of friends and lots of friendly strangers present, and for all Miss Crooks's angst, the show came off splendidly despite a few minor opening-night technical gaffes. I hopped in a cab right after to get to the 9:30 Club, arriving in time to find my friends and grab a Stella before Drive-by Truckers took the stage at around 10:40 p.m. My DCist review is here, oh Gentle Reader.

cooley-500w.jpg "Stroker Ace" Mike Cooley, Rock and Roll Star

THE DIRT UNDERNEATH (sit-down, acoustic)

1 Heathens 2 Love Like This 3 Nine Bullets 4 (Mike Cooley song I didn't recognize; probably new) 5 (Patterson Hood song; ditto) 6 Space City 7 The Night G.G. Allin Came to Town 8 Lisa's Birthday (a new Cooley -- I think he said that's the title)



9 Puttin' People on the Moon 10 (Unknown Cooley song) 11 The Living Bubba 12 Gravity's Gone 13 Road Cases 14 Where the Devil Don't Stay 15 Ronnie and Neil 16 Guitar Man Upstairs 17 Lookout Mountain 18 Checkout Time in Vegas (new Mike Cooley ballad) 19 (Patterson Hood song) 20 Women without Whiskey 21 Let There Be Rock


22 A World of Hurt 23 Zip City 24 Buttholeville / State Trooper (Springsteen cover!) 25 People Who Died